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Niacinamide Pro

My face was breaking out for awhile there with pesky acne scarring so i took out what i know works from my backup stash and used up yet another bottle within 2 mths. A true ride or die at this point.


Natural Astaxanthin Hyaluronic Acid Micro Essence Solution

They keep my skin soft and moisturised at night, especially important for me because i sleep in the aircon room! My favourite is the hylarunoic acid solution as it absorbs into my skin super quick and it doesn't leave a sticky feeling!


Natural Astaxanthin Hyaluronic Acid Micro Essence Solution

It kept my face dewy for the day even though i didn't put any other moisturiser after


Niacinamide Pro

I've stopped all use of acide during the period of trying this and i feel that my skin is less oily, is brighter and more...calm


Vitamin C Day Serum

I have been using Natural Astaxanthin Hyaluronic Acid Micro Essence Solution, Niacinamide Pro and Vitamin C Day Serum for my daily skin care routine for roughly a month now. After only a week i can start to see improvements. My acne scars have gotten lighter, skin is less oily and feels so much smoother!! With the addition of Vitamin C Day Serum i can see the brightening effect better!


Bottled series

Syringe series

Face Mask series



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